Repsychedelic SALA 2016

Repsychedelic - SALA 2016

Repsychadelic SALA exhibition poster 

Join us on Saturday 30 July at 6pm for the launch of ‘Repsychedelic’; a multi-media exhibition showcasing a variety of works from from artists Emmaline Zanelli, Kaspar Schmidt Mumm, Declan Casley-Smith and Walter Kenyon.


The exhibition will include elements such as sculpture, painting and photography and aims to raise awareness about the survival of our fragile planet and living with the Earth in its current state. 


The central theme of the exhibition is the metaphor of psychedelia to the deliberate untruthfulness of big business and politics in relation to issues such as climate change.  


The metaphor implies that just as the effects of drug induced psychedelia reduce intensity over time, the time has come to take off the blinkers and see the problems and pressing issues that we all must face. 


The title of the exhibition ‘Repsychedelic’ also relates to the idea of recycling objects to give them a new life. 


The opening night will feature a performance by Kaspar Schmitt Mumm and Declan Casley-Smith based on the theme of the imaginary or spiritual world. 


There will also be all-original performances from bands Legumes and Great Wild. 


Food and drinks will be available for purchase on the night. 


“As artists, we feel it is our duty to align ourselves with an active morality, to remain passive is unthinkable” - Walter Kenyon. 


This exhibition is part of the South Australia Living Artists (SALA) Festival


Walter Kenyon

As a multimedia artist my critical focus examines issues of broken social infrastructure and the blessings and curses of buying into the dreams and the nightmares of mass consumption.

I make an attempt to document and dissect the dichotomies of the post capitalist age.

The reason I stress this is to emphasise the power of art as a tool of social communication.

To do less is mere decoration.

Emmaline Zanelli

Emmaline Zanelli's practice explores and critiques the absurdities and sensualities of humans. 

Her work does not ask to be decoded but to provoke curiosity and invite exploration of the drive beneath her works playful energy.

Declan Casley-Smith

Declan is a mural artist/musician who takes most of his inspiration from his immediate surroundings.

He builds a strong juxtaposition between the urban environment and the romance of unmolested landscapes.

Kaspar Schmidt Mumm

Kaspar is an autodidactic creator exploring visual language as a tool to communicate across his varying cultural boundaries. He questions the aesthetic of someone indigenous to the whole planet. Engaging in street art and performances in galleries, abandoned buildings and festivals around the world. 

July 30, 2016 at 6:00pm - 11:45pm
The Joinery
111 Franklin St
Adelaide, SA 5000
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