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Thu, Jan 18

Community Organising Training

Hosted by Adelaide Sustainability Centre


When was the last time you did something bold and different in the pursuit of growth and learning?

Do you care about nature protection and do you have a yearning to be more effective in this space? Yes? Then this is for you!

The course will run over two consecutive days - 18th and 19th of January - from 9-5 each day. Our community organising program is all about immersing yourself in an incredible learning and development experience so that collectively we can better protect, promote and restore Wilderness across Australia.

This course is offered free by The Wilderness Society and is being supported by the Adelaide Sustainability Centre and the Conservation Council of South Australia.

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Thu, Jan 18

Conversations with Rising Appalachia

Hosted by Deanne Orenda


Sonic Heart presents 'Conversations with Rising Appalachia'

Join USA artists/activists, Rising Appalachia for an intimate conversation in music, life, and the role of art in the environmental and social justice movements. They will weave conversations, questions from the audience and acoustic songs into a natural off stage experience.

​Guests can engage with the band about their music, mission, and create meaningful dialogue about important issues that inspire. The intention is to create a two-way dialog that feels fulfilling to both band and guests alike, creating more connection between the music and the performers themselves, and to activate all participants. 

Doors open 7pm for a 7.30pm start

Food and Drink will be available at this event from The Depot Collective Café.

A portion of Rising Appalachia merchandise sales will go to The Joinery and we are also accepting donations on their behalf at this event + Rising Appalachia’s Adelaide concert (at Church of the Trinity, 318 Goodwood Rd, Clarence Park) the next night: Friday, Jan 19.  Bundled ‘Conversation & Concert Tickets also available’. 

* Limited allocation of earlybird tix available:

Earlybird : Conversation OR Concert $30+BF / Conversation + Concert Bundle $55+BF
General : Conversation OR Concert $40+BF / Conversation + Concert Bundle $75 + BF



Rising Appalachia brings to the stage a collection of sounds, stories, and songs steeped in tradition and a devotion to world culture.  Intertwining a deep reverence for folk music and a passion for justice, they have made it their life’s work to sing songs that speak to something ancient yet surging with relevance. 

Whether playing at Red Rocks or in rail cars, at Italian street fairs or to Bulgarian herbalists, this fiercely independent band has blazed a unique and colorful path across the globe. 11 years into their movement, Rising Appalachia believes that the roots of all these old songs are vital to our ever evolving soundscape....

AND we are blessed to have them here in Adelaide on their first Australian tour after they headline at Woodford Folk Fest!

Harvesting a blend of folk/world/roots music as well as a vibe all their own, Rising Appalachia use a variety of indigenous and traditional instruments and soaring voices to create mesmerizing, magical and unique music that has garnered them a growing audience worldwide.

Sisters Leah Song and Chloe Smith along with percussionist Biko Casini and multi-instrumentalist David Brown form a quartet that transcends the genre of roots music as well as promoting a thread of community with environmental and social activism.

Sat, Jan 20

Boomerang Bags - Sewing Bee

Hosted by Adelaide Sustainability Centre


Boomerang Bags works to reduce the use of plastic bags by engaging local communities in the making of Boomerang Bags – community made using recycled materials, Boomerang Bags provide a free, fun, sustainable alternative to plastic bags.  By getting involved, you are participating in a national movement that celebrates a local grassroots initiative, community building and sustainability.


9:30am set up for 10am - 1pm session

Adelaide Sustainability Centre @ The Joinery, 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide SA 5000


  • If you have them: Sewing machines and an extension cord (just in case), sharp fabric scissors and/or pinking shears, straight edge steel ruler, pins, any spare fabric.
  • Please make sure all your items are clearly labelled so that nothing gets lost and if anything is left behind I can find the owner.

If you don’t have any of these things but are keen to help, there will be jobs for everyone. We will do another demonstration of how the bags are put together and then we will get on with making some. We will try to accomodate people who are keen to learn to sew - these bags are the perfect starting project.


Please let me know if you can come so that we know how many people to expect - don’t worry if you can’t come, there will be other opportunities.


Boomerang Bags aims to make our life a little bit less plastic, so please try not to use plastic bags or one-use coffee cups or water bottles. There is a kitchen with cups and there will be tea and coffee available. There may even be some morning tea!

Join the Boomerang Bags Adelaide Facebook group here.

Wed, Jan 31

Eco Families Adelaide: Snack Sharing Session

Hosted by Adelaide Sustainability Centre


Eco Families Adelaide

Bring along your baby or toddler to our group exploring eco and sustainable living for families. Sessions are family-friendly and all are welcome.

Snack Sharing Session - Plastic Free Snacks

Snack foods are difficult to buy free of plastic packaging and often contain lots of sugar, salt and additives. So come together to try and/or share some favourite recipes so that we can make them at home ourselves!

All you need to bring is: your favourite homemade crackers, muesli bars, biscuits, fruit rolls, or any other snack pre-made to share and a copy of the recipe! We'll provide some local cheese (and a vegan option too!) to go with your favourite homemade crackers.

Even if you don't have a favourite recipe or time to cook please come along, taste and hopefully find your new favourite recipe.

The Adelaide Sustainability Centre is proudly supported by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Board and Conservation SA.

Thu, Feb 1

Fermenting & Natural Dye Workshop

Hosted by Adelaide Sustainability Centre


Fermenting & Natural Dye Workshop

Photos by Alana, Soul Strong Society

Join Juju Haifawi and Alana Gregory for a workshop exploring slow food and slow fashion. Learn to prepare Kimchi, two variants on the traditional Sauerkraut, and make your own remnant silk natural dye scarf with colourful organic ‘waste’. Participants will take home 3 jars of fermented foods and a hand-dyed silk scarf. Your insides and outsides will thank you!

‘Slow Food’ is a movement that supports access to food that is healthy and flavoursome, clean and environmentally safe to produce, and economically fair for producers and consumers. Bringing the same approach to our clothing, fashion has the potential to nourish and warm our body, soul, environment and community.

Based on today’s knowledge regarding the importance of diverse and healthy gut flora, fermented foods created from organic fair trade produce fall in line with the slow food mantra and can be seen as medicine for the modern age. Natural dye’s created from organic sources are medicine for our water-ways and our skin!

Almost all cultures have some kind of wonderful fermented food in their traditional diet and use natural dyes to colour their world. In this workshop, we will use quality produce to create healthy, probiotic rich fermented foods for a contemporary palette and then use the ‘waste’ materials to naturally dye a remnant silk scarf.



Alana Gregory ( Juju Haifawi ( with produce from local organic producers and Grow Free (

The Adelaide Sustainability Centre is supported by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Board and Conservation SA.

Thu, Feb 8

One Big Home - Film Night & Shared Potluck Dinner

Hosted by Adelaide Sustainability Centre


A community determines its own destiny

Gentrification comes in many forms. On the tiny island of Martha’s Vineyard, where presidents and celebrities vacation, trophy homes threaten to destroy the island’s unique character.

Twelve years in the making, One Big Home follows one carpenter’s journey to understand the trend toward giant houses. When he feels complicit in wrecking the place he calls home, he takes off his tool belt and picks up a camera. Bumping up against angry homeowners and builders who look the other way, he works with his community and attempts to pass a new bylaw to limit house size.

"I hope my film will spark a discussion about the way we regard housing, land ownership, and the economic forces that shape our communities. Rather than throwing up our arms and saying "you can't fight progress”, communities can stand up for themselves, their way of life, and the natural environment." – Thomas Bena, Director – One Big Home

View the trailer here.


Come along for an evening of shared food and conversation, followed by a screening of 'One Big Home'

6 pm - Potluck community dinner, please bring a plate of food to share*

6.45 pm - Guest Speaker TBC.

7.10 pm - Film Screening.

The Adelaide Sustainability Centre is supported by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board and Conservation SA.


* Choose to refuse single-use plastic. During our dinners we provide real plates and cutlery, provide reusable cups, supply filtered water and collect food scraps to give to The Joinery's chickens or put in our compost bins. Please avoid bringing single-use plastics, including glad wrap, to our dinners if you can. We look forward to seeing you!

Sat, Feb 10

Clothing as Medicine: Natural Dye and Ayurvedic Natural Medicine

Hosted by Adelaide Sustainability Centre


Join us to learn about fibres, medicinal plant dyes, and colour to balance the body, mind, and emotions.

Many cultures around the world have used clothing as a form of medicine for centuries. In India the tradition is referred to as Ayurvastra. 'Ayur' = ‘Life’ and ‘Vastra’ = 'Clothing'. Clothing for Life.

This full day workshop will equip you with a basic understanding of the Indian Ayurvedic approach to life and living, as well as the skills to create your own unique ‘life promoting’ natural dye garments.

Turn your wardrobe into a hub of healing!



  • Gathering, collecting and connecting with natural textile and dye materials
  • Ancient skills our ancestors practiced for generations, including basic dye processes such as mordanting fabric, hot dyeing and solar dyeing
  • Details about different plant fibres and dyes, including those containing natural antibacterial / antiviral properties, and natural antioxidants promoting skin, respiratory, and intestinal health.
  • The basics of Ayurveda (Indian natural health system) including how to live in tune with your Ayurvedic body type and tools to better manage day-to-day life in a way that promotes good health, balance and a deeper satisfaction of life.


  • People who appreciate textiles and fashion and also love the environment
  • Those who are passionate about creatively contributing to a sustainable planet
  • Anyone interested in natural health and plant medicine


  • A sampling of recycled natural textiles to play with
  • Seasonal, natural herbs and materials (berries, flowers and plants) to dye with and equipment needed
  • Take home notes on Ayurveda and natural dyeing


  • Light coloured recycled natural fabric garments or materials
  • Your own herbs, local berries, barks or flowers to experiment with
  • String, strong cotton, old fabric or rubber bands
  • Large empty jars to take home solar dye experiments
  • Scissors
  • Notebook, pen, camera or phone to record what you learn
  • A plastic bag or bucket to take home newly created wet textiles!
  • Please wear closed-in shoes and old clothes you can get messy in

This workshop requires no previous experience – beginners and experienced students welcome.



Alana Gregory is an environmental artist || and founder of;

Soul Strong Society | | an initiative created to facilitate human and environmental health through the practices of mindfulness, movement and creativity, and,

Kalari Australia| | a yoga school promoting and sharing the tradition of Kalarippayat (martial-hatha-yoga) and Ayurveda.

Alana combines a background in environmental science and community health with 20 years practice and study in holistic art forms from around the world. She specializes in connecting people to nature through creative practice.

Mon, Feb 12

DIY Plastic Free Workshop

Hosted by Adelaide Sustainability Centre


DIY Beeswax Wrap and Produce Bag Workshop

A short, evening workshop. Pop in after work and get making!

Join Dani Austin for an practical, hands-on workshop to make your own beeswax wrap and produce bag. A fantastic opportunity to reduce your plastic usage, keep what you create, and take home the know-how on how to create these re-useable items again.

Purchase tickets for $20/$16 concession. Price includes all materials to make one of each item.

The Adelaide Sustainability Centre is supported by the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Board and Conservation SA.

Tue, Feb 13

Stories of Urban Agriculture

Hosted by Various

Michael Ableman, farmer, writer and change maker is returning to Adelaide in February 2018.


His most recent book is Street Farm - growing food, jobs and hope on the urban frontier which chronicles the story of Sole Food Street farms in Vancouver. He currently divides his time between his home base Foxglove Farm and the Center For Arts, Ecology, and Agriculture on Saltspring Island CA, and urban farming social enterprises in nearby cities.
At this evening event you will hear Michael's story of Sole Food Street farms in Vancouver and be inspired by a showcase ofAdelaide initiatives and the people behind them.
Ableman has a finely honed sensibility—he gardens society, grows well-being, weeds out despair, and sows hope.”
 Paul Hawken, author of Drawdown + Blessed Unrest
Image credits: Michael Ableman, Street Farm - Chelsea Green (2016)

Thu, Feb 22

Campfire Stories Adelaide: New Beginnings

Hosted by Adelaide Sustainability Centre


Campfire Stories is about people coming together and sharing a yarn and a bite to eat. Be prepared to be entertained and inspired by extraordinary true tales from ordinary Australians!

How it works: Come along and share a 5 minute true story related to the night's theme of "New Beginnings". Prepare a 5 minute story about making a fresh start. That first day at a new job, moving to a new place or starting a relationship. New beginnings can be both scary and thrilling. Share your tale of venturing into the unknown.

There is no pressure to speak in front of the audience. People are just as welcome to come and listen to other people's stories.

Doors open 6:30pm for 7pm sharp start. Event is open to all ages.

The night will close with a shared supper so please bring a plate of food to share.

This event is supported by the Adelaide Sustainability Centre and the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board.

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Contact us at the Joinery at 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide, on (08) 8223 5155 or

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