Artist Q&A: Davide Gaglio

What do you get when cross a conservation biologist with an artist? Internationally award-winning photographer Davide Gaglio! We recently sat down with Davide to learn more about his new exhibition Shore Perspective, showing here at the Joinery all throughout February. 


Welcome to the Joinery! Would you like to introduce yourself and your work?

My name is Davide Gaglio – yes, David with an 'e'!  I am a conservation biologist and I work as Sustainability Coordinator at the City of Adelaide. I was born in Sicily, South of Italy. I grew up by the sea and the chaos of crushing waves on the shore has always intrigued me. No matter how many times you visit the shore, it is never the same as the time before. I have always wondered at that scene and how it may look from up above?

When I “landed” in the Fleurieu Peninsula, I finally got the opportunity to visualize what my imagination couldn’t fathom. The answer to my question came to me by exploring and enjoying the stunning coastline of this region using aerial photography. The turbulent crushing waves on rolling pebbles appear now transfixed and transformed into an organic painted scene, illustrating the gentle moment of crystal-clear waters merging with pristine beaches. Using long exposure and HDR techniques, I captured an unseen and multifaceted coastal landscape from above.

Tell us about yourself as an artist in three words

Passionate -  Imaginative - Determined

What do you like about The Joinery? Why is it meaningful to you to have your artwork showcased here?

The Joinery is a great and convenient space where you can do a variety of activities related to what I care the most about: protection of the environment and sustainability... and much more! It is always great to support the Joinery and feeling empowered by this proactive and inclusive community centre.

What inspired you to create this work?

I embrace values and behaviours focused upon nature protection and sustainability. I have a strong passion for the natural world and for sharing it with others. For me, there is no better way to communicate how beautiful but fragile is our nature by simply showing it in my photographs. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

What is the message you want audiences to take away from this exhibition?

I wanted to take you on this visual journey, not only to show you the colors and shapes of our shoreline but also I wanted to illustrate the dramatic cliff faces of our coasts that are unable to hide from the threatening effect of coastal erosion, which is a reminder of just how fragile our living coast is.

You can view Davide's collection in our Exhibition Space until 1 March 2021 (admission is free).

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