Artist Q&A: Alysha Mallia

Photographer and mixed media artist Alysha Mallia takes the photograph and transforms it into something beyond. We chatted with Alysha ahead of her exciting new exhibition showing at the Joinery throughout April.


Welcome to the Joinery! Would you like to introduce yourself and your work?

The quiet spaces in nature transfix me. In this environment, my mind is given the space to expand and the connection between place and thought strengthens, over time becoming inseparable. This body of work is a representation of one such journey.

Exploring themes around relationships, the central questions are concerned with how we connect to those around us, what shapes our ideals, wants and desires, how these change over time, and how timing, power, independence and vulnerability play a role in our experience of these connections.

To what extent are we controlled by these influences, whilst also unconsciously never wanting to surrender our innocence in the hope that we will find a real connection?

I am a photographic and mixed media artist based in Adelaide, Australia. Creating artworks and exhibiting for over a decade I try to take the photograph and transforms it into something beyond.

Using multiple processes and techniques pushing the medium to visually capture concepts from a unique and deeply personal perspective. Working with both film and digitally the choice of medium and method is intrinsically connected to the concept investigated.

Tell us about yourself as an artist in three words.

Experimental – Vulnerable – Introspective

What do you like about The Joinery?

The Joinery appealed to me because of its community-based approach. It's inclusive, supportive, and has environment-conscious values.

Why is it meaningful to you to have your artwork showcased here?

I like the idea of my work being accessible to a diverse community and that the pieces may connect to many individuals in this space because of its central location.

What inspired you to create this work?

When creating a body of work I aim to transform my photos into what I feel and think, not simply what I see while in that space and time. They become more of a representation through manipulation than replication, and this becomes the foundation of a concept to be built upon.

The work attempts to depict my mental landscape, to convey concepts both universal and personal and solidify these thoughts. With the use of symbols and visual metaphors within my work, I translate these ideas onto canvas. The stitching binds these thoughts and my hand to the work, giving texture to an otherwise flat surface.

What is the message you want audiences to take away from this exhibition?

The message people find in my work will be personal to them. All I can hope for is that each individual can find their own meaning in the art that gives them a sense of connection and provokes thought.

You can view Alysha's collection in our Exhibition Space until 1 May 2021 (admission is free).

Visit Alysha online at


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