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Sat, Jul 20

Boomerang Bag Sewing Bee - July

Hosted by Adelaide Sustainability Centre


Bring your good scissors and a sewing machine or overlocker if you have them and join us to make Boomerang Bags. Fabric and pattern supplied; Beginners welcome.

Join the Boomerang Bags Adelaide Facebook group for more information, find out about other sewing bees happening across Adelaide and to stay up to date with Boomerang Bag news.

Mon, Jul 22

Designed For Life | Living Building Conversations #17

Hosted by Adelaide Sustainable Building Network

The City of Adelaide's new slogan, 'Designed for Life' is the focal point of our next 'Conversation'. At the core of the Living Building Challenge is an idea to create spaces that, like a flower, give more than they take and have a positive impact on all inhabiting communities. How might principles of the of the Living Building Challenge be gleaned from to create a city which is an embodiment of 'Designed for Life'?

Join us at Living Building Conversation #17 where we will explore how beautiful, well designed built environments enrich and help facilitate healthy lives for us all.

Our panel includes:

Mon, Jul 29

Plastic Free July: Produce Bags & Reusing Materials

Hosted by Adelaide Sustainability Centre


Learn how to sew your own netting produce bag with Françoise Piron

Experiment with using other fabrics such as fabric salvaged from broken umbrellas to make bags or other re-usable items. Françoise will also show people how to make other items such as dust clothes from cotton fabrics and knitted dishcloths, scrubbing cloths and making up removing pads.


About Françoise:
Françoise aims to increase awareness of environmental sustainable living. She facilitates the West Croydon Fruit and Veggie Swap and Boomerang Bags Adelaide group which meets here at the Adelaide Sustainability Centre on the third Saturday of each month. You can find her on Facebook at The French Brace where she supports sustainable actions in theatre and events.

Wed, Aug 7

Treading Lightly - Film Night + Shared Community Dinner

Hosted by Diane Salvi


Do carbon emissions confuse you? Can you reduce your carbon footprint to the global average or the global allowance, and what is the difference?

Adelaide filmmaker Nick Graalman and his partner Jamie Carter decided to find out and set out on a yearlong endeavour to understand a range of issues and how (or even if) they could drastically reduce their own footprint.

Treading Lightly documents their personal journey with the help and guidance of local academics and activists including a food biologist, ecologist, building designers, demographer, environmentalist and geographer.

Every decision in their day to day lives is examined, logged and researched. They explore the big 3: home, food and transport. Everything from living with no heating or cooling to electric bikes, food waste composting and retrofitting the home. They tackle trying to carbon offset though a revegetation project, and for American born Jamie, does she visit her family in America? And what to do with the hardly used swimming pool that came with the house. After much research and thinking, a novel solution was found.

Treading Lightly is an honest account of their endeavours and the outcomes. Filmed at home and various locations around Adelaide, Treading Lightly documents the year to October 2018. A year in an hour. It presents practical ways to both understand and take control. It has been a life changing year for Nick and Jamie and they warmly invite you to take a peek into their lives.

Filmmaker Nick Graalman will join us for the screening and host a Q&A after the screening.

We'll start the evening starts with a shared potluck dinner and conversation.


6 pm - Potluck community dinner, please bring a plate of food to share*

6.45 pm - Film Screening

After the film - Discussion and Q&A with filmmaker Nick Graalman

The Adelaide Sustainability Centre is supported by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board and Conservation SA.


* Choose to refuse single-use plastic. During our dinners we provide real plates and cutlery, provide reusable cups, supply filtered water and collect food scraps to give to The Joinery's chickens or put in our compost bins. Please avoid bringing single-use plastics, including glad wrap, to our dinners if you can. We look forward to seeing you!

Sat, Aug 10

Tiny House DIY Workshops - All Things Trailers

Hosted by Ben Harding

Become a Trailer Pro

You’re keen to build a tiny house on wheels, but trailers are new to you and it’s so important – you’ve got to get the foundation for your tiny house right the first time.  Get informed, clear honest advice about your trailer from someone who knows in this three  hour workshop.

Whether you plan on buying a tiny house trailer built to your specifications or you plan to build the trailer yourself this is the workshop that will give you peace of mind and a clear path forward.

Learn everything you need to know about trailers for tiny houses here in this half-day (three hour) workshop.

  • Understand attachment points between your tiny house and your trailer.
  • Learn how to avoid the 6 main risks when building or buying a new or used trailer for a tiny house.
  • Understand your trailer’s compliance plate.
  • Learn how to “Speak Trailer” so you won’t be taken for a ride.
  • Learn what makes a trailer roadworthy, compliant, and insurable.
  • Understand the most important things to look for when buying a trailer for a tiny house.

Learn from an expert, avoid common errors and start your tiny house on a great foundation!

This workshop is for DIY-ers

This workshop is for the DIY-er or anyone wishing to become an informed consumer of tiny house trailers.

Sat, Aug 10

Tiny House DIY Workshops - 4 Workshop Package

Hosted by Ben Harding

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN DIY TINY HOUSE BUILDERS: It's your time to shine!! Come and soak up cutting edge design information on how to build your tiny house strong, lightweight and spacious. Save yourself years of research with this one weekend and get your money back on it with a trailer purchase through us. Sounds amazing, right? It is! Includes All Things Trailers (August 10, 9am-12pm), Taking it Off Grid (August 10, 1pm-4pm), Where to Put a Tiny House (August 11, 9am-12pm), and How to Build a Tiny House (August 11, 1pm-4pm).

Sat, Aug 10

Tiny House DIY Workshops - Taking It Off Grid

Hosted by Ben Harding

Taking It Off-Grid:

Off-Grid tiny house information, Best tiny house workshops in australia

In this half-day (3 hour) workshop:

  • Learn how battery storage & solar panels work in a tiny house.
  • Understand how a modern composting toilet works.
  • Tips & tricks for insulating for summer.  Learn Fred’s proven method to keep your loft bed ceiling cool in summer; including how to create a radiant barrier in your tiny house.
  • Understand how to design a hot water system for a tiny house which is environmentally friendly and uses only renewable resources and no fossil fuels.

It can be done! And you can do it!

Learn from an expert, who has built an off-grid tiny house that works.

Sun, Aug 11

Tiny House DIY Workshops - Where to Put a Tiny House

Hosted by Ben Harding

Where To Put a Tiny House - Council Regulations in Your Local Area:

Council Regulation tiny house information, Best tiny house workshops in australia

The most often asked question by prospective tiny house builders/owners, is “Where can I put a tiny house?” And because the answers are a bit complicated, we take a detailed look at various local laws that can affect tiny house living.

In this 3 hour workshop offered by Fred Schultz (Fred’s Tiny Houses) participants will:

  • Gain some historical understanding of the tiny house movement and key relevant information regarding where to put a tiny house in New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.
  • Introduction to relevant local laws & planning regulations.
  • Real life case studies of where tiny house people are living.
  • Regulations concerning Tiny House on Wheels (THOW’s).
  • Regulations regarding a tiny house on a foundation.
  • Who is regulating THOW’s and tiny houses on foundations.
  • The case for and against regulation.

Sun, Aug 11

Tiny House DIY Workshops - How to Build a Tiny House

Hosted by Ben Harding

How to Build a Tiny House:

How to build a tiny house in australia, best information workshop In this 3 hour workshop you will learn essential building information specific to mobile tiny house construction and Fred’s proven construction methods:

  • Learn the risks with tiny house builds, including material selection, weight, transport & insurance.
  • Understand what you need to get right when planning and building your tiny house.
  • Learn building terminology that will help you talk with confidence at your local timber yard.
  • Understand building methods suitable for tiny houses – making it strong & light weight.
  • Learn pros & cons of wood v.s. steel construction v.s. SIP’s in a tiny house context.
  • Learn how to make your tiny house safe & sound to travel
  • Learn how to adapt standard construction techniques in cyclonic conditions for a mobile, vibration prone structure.
  • How to design a tiny house to keep cool in our Australian summer.
  • Learn pros & cons of common tiny house design features such as: wheel guard v.s. over the wheel “flat top” design considerations; roof style options & pitch for on & off-grid; ladders v.s. stairs v.s. all on 1 level living; optimal bathrooms & kitchens layouts; bed placement; skylights; french doors; and practical tips for living with kids in a tiny house from a father who knows.
  • Learn Fred’s now patented Unified Tiny House Construction Method™ that produces the strongest & lightest weight attachment between tiny house and trailer possible anywhere.
  • Learn everything you need to know about how to make your tiny house roadworthy, lightweight, well insulated, off-grid and totally DIY-able by you!

Tue, Aug 13

Planning for Transformational Change in a Climate Emergency - Bioregional Australia

Hosted by phil donaldson

Time 2hr Adelaide 5-7pm 

Target Audience: Regional Community - Architects, developers, engineers, university, local government, schools, water authorities, leaders, senior managers, land development agencies

Target numbers: 30 – 50



5.00 to 5.20pm               Networking drinks

5.20 to 6.00pm               Presentations

5.20 to 5.25       Welcome

5.25 to 5.35       Inspiring Positive Change OPL evolution & SDG’s (15mins)

5.35 to 5.50       OPL exemplars x 2/3 clients

5.50 to 6.00                     Future Focus Purpose & Activity outline (BAF Board Chair)

6.00 to 6.30                     Group Activity: actions and collaborative efforts

6.30 to 6.35                     Wrap-up, thank you and invite to network

6.35 to 7pm                     Networking, drinks and food

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